I’m Back

It’s been awhile. To be honest I had no idea on whether or not I was going to comeback to writing or podcasting after going through so much over the last couple of years. A lot of what has happened is on me. Yeah, some of it was just bad luck but if I want to be true to myself and grow as a person, I have to take accountability for my choices.

I worked three jobs, had to find ways to payoff a ton of debt and had to take a step back from the passion that I was hoping one day would become my full-time career. Again, that’s on me. I put myself in that situation. However, with every loss there’s always a chance for redemption and this is that time!

The struggles have made me stronger and more determined than achieve the original dream I set forth to accomplish back in 2013. I can promise that this will not be the same SacKingsNation that you remember. This time around we are going to focus solely on producing great content rather than overwhelming content that is just to be click bait. You may get drawn in by the title, but you stay for the words or the videos.

I’m excited to be back in all of your timelines with some great new content and I hope to become a bookmark for your Sacramento Kings’ news.

Thank you,

Vincent Miracle

If you need to contact me, feel free to email: vincentmiracle@sackingsnation.com

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